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improve it, you will find yourselves bleffed in the end. You are removed from a thousand temptations, that furround the rich and great. True it is, you have temptations peculiar to your state and circumstances; but perhaps they are much weaker than those to which men are expofed by affluence or grandeur. Of these, however, beware! if they are indulged, they will gain strength, and in time become almost invincible. Beware of envy! beware of malice! A grudging of our neighbour's fortunes or honours, betrays a want of that humility and true refignation which must characterize the fincere Chriftian. Think not, that because a man is rich, he must neceffarily be proud, infolent, and overbearing. The GOD that giveth riches, may fanctify them to the poffeffor; and Poverty of Spirit hath been known to dwell in courts and palaces. Thank GOD, that have but little of world


ly wealth, and pray earnestly for the riches of his Grace.

As for you, who are truly " Poor "in Spirit," who experience that humility, and felf-abafement, which I have fhewn to be fo neceffary a preparative for the reception of the Gofpel, I give you joy in the Lord! "As for"rowful, be ye always rejoicing! As "" poor, be ye always rich in CHRIST!" When you are most fenfible of this poverty, you are then in the fafest state. "When you are weak, then are you ftrong." Ye are espoused to "CHRIST-Ye are no more darkness, "but now ye are Light in the Lord.” Yours is the kingdom of God! Yours are the comforts of Grace here, and the fweet hope of Immortality hereafter! Should envious clouds now and then intervene; fhould a deep fenfe of your own poverty be fo powerfully revived, as to render you dark and difconfolate-do not

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let go your hope! Remember, it is to you the Gospel is preached! JESUS, your Bridegroom, the light and life of your foul, hath only left you for a season, that, in this widowed state, you might feel your want of him, and long more earneftly for his return, and love him. more ardently when he makes his appearance again.

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"Bleffed are they that mourn, for they fhall be comforted!"-Sweet tidings to the difconfolate Christian! "Yet a little while, and he that shall

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come, will come, and will not tarry.” He will come in peace, dear mourner, to thine heart, and give thee a sweet earnest and anticipation of that Fullness of Joy, which he has prepared for thee, in his own kingdom of everlasting Light and Love.







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