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with the fame fulness of conviction, that the outward light, ftriking upon the organs of vifion, impresses upon the


In like manner, the man who rolls in worldly affluence, and basks in the funshine of temporal profperity, is too apt to suffer this Offspring of Heaven to remain inactive in his breast. But when clouds arise, when tempefts gather, and obscure the light of this elementary fun, he is then prompted to explore a new fun, a new firmament, a new heaven, and a new earth, corresponding to the fpirituel fenfes of that Inward Man, who is hereby awakened, and taught where to look for, and how to receive, influences and impreffions of folid and permanent tranquillity and delight.

Amid the greatest carnal fecurity, and whilst finful man is endeavouring


to filence this heavenly guest for ever, it will frequently start from its flumbers, claim its native rights, and feek its native objects and employments. Hence proceed what are called, strong convictions and rebukes of confcience, of which the most obdurate offenders are very fenfible, till by repeated refiftance, they become callous and dead to their falutary influence, fall under the power of ftrong delufion, and "believe a lie."

In this cafe, indeed,

the Powers of CHRIST within them cannot appear, or be active for their deliverance: for they will not suffer them to be awakened; "they will "not come to CHRIST, that they may "have life."

But fleeps not the BLESSED JESUS in other hearts than thefe, even in fuch as have been already called out of their natural darkness "into his marQ4


"vellous light," to whom he hath already manifested his awakened powers, who have been "renewed in the spirit "of their minds," "and created after the Image of GOD in Righteousness "and true Holiness?" He fleeps indeed, at times, in a spiritual sense, even in the most virtuous and regenerate breasts; and fleeps, that they may awaken to a greater fenfibility of their want of his Presence, and cry more earnestly to him for the Aids and Comforts of his Spirit.

He fleeps in the bofom of his afflicted children, whilft they are vifited with loffes and calamities of various kinds, whilft the world frowns upon them, whilst its good things are fnatched out of their poffeffion, and their deareft friends are torn from their bleeding hearts. Thefe vifitations are fent in Love The great Lover of Souls seems to retire from his beloved Off- `


spring, and to withdraw his cheering Influence for the most benevolent purposes, that out of judgment may spring forth mercy, out of momentary diftrefs pure and permanent delight, and that, by feeling the parent's abfence, the child may long more ardently for his


A black cloud, fays a pious writer, makes the traveller mend his pace, and be more eager to get home; whereas a fair day, and a pleasant road, steal away at once his time and his affections. Take it, then, as a mercy, thou afflicted foul! that, now and then, a few clouds intercept thy fun; that, now and then, fome troubles eclipse thy comforts. Too many fatisfactions at an inn, or upon thy journey, will be apt to make thee "forget thy Father's House,"

Take it as a mercy too, that thy SAVIOUR fleeps within thee; that thou


art thereby left for a while to feel the wretchedness of thy nature. Think not, that he is abfent; think not that thy heavenly powers are extinguished : they live, and can live amid the furious tempefts of affliction; and when nature is driven to the last extremity, they will awaken with new vigour, and accomplish for thee an happy de


All this may yield fome confolation to a foul oppreffed with calamity and forrow but, alas! what is to be done in the hour of temptation? When corruption, and evil paffions, demand an immediate indulgence; when the "law in the members wars against the "law of the mind," and brings the foul into captivity; when the power of the temptation is fo great, that it seems to carry the will, the defires, and affections, along with it—under


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