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perform his "Works of Wonder in their darkened spirits. Thus it was, as the Evangelift tells us, that "he came "to his own, and his own received " him not."

This leads me to confider the fecond fenfe, in which the words of the Prophet, in my text, are to be understood; viz. as internally accomplished in the Hearts of those, who fpiritually receive the good Tidings of the Gospel.

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II. "O Zion, that bringeft good ti

dings! O Jerufalem, that bringest good tidings!"-Whence, but from Zion, and from Jerufalem, can any good tidings come? From fpiritual Zion, from the Heavenly Jerufalem; the "Je"rufalem that is above, and is the mo"ther of us all;" the fource, from which our heavenly natures are derived; the world, out of which we were ori


ginally created, and into which we are now, through CHRIST, redeemed?

Fallen, deeply fallen, the child of Heaven, the Son or Daughter of Zion, is fhut up in a strange nature, and a ftrange world-the difconfolate captive of an infernal prince, without any consciousness of her original dignity and illustrious birth! Like the conquered and captivated cities of Judah, fhe has loft her Liberty, loft her Birth-right, loft her Happiness, loft her GoD. But, behold! from yonder bleffed Mount, Zion breaks forth in all the Majesty of her Glory!-Hark! from yonder bleffed Mount, "Jerufalem lifts up her "voice, lifts it up with ftrength, and fays unto the cities of Judah, Behold your GOD!" "Unto you is born "this day, in the city of David, a

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Unto thee, thou poor imprisoned Child of Light! is born a Deliverer, by whose Redeeming Influence, if thou wilt but open thine inward eye to behold him, thou thyself fhalt be born again, rescued from thine oppreffor, and reinftated in the poffeffion of thy Primeval Blifs and Beauty! Bounds not thy bofom, haplefs, happy mortal! at the tranfporting meffage? Art thou not fenfible of fomething more than nature ftirring within thee? And art thou not ready to call aloud to this hidden Child of Heaven in thy heart,

O fpring to Light! Aufpicious Babe,

be born!

And here, let not the patrons of infidelity be offended at a Name-Let not the idle fcoffers of the age pour forth their unhallowed wit againft fuch deep and awful truths, as they will not be


at leisure to confider and comprehend ! Let not the doctrine of a NEW AND. HEAVENLY BIRTH, though fo egregiously mistaken by fome, and fo grossly corrupted by others, be looked upon as the dream of a visionary, or the imagination of an enthufiaft! It is founded in the very nature of things, in the very nature of man: and what Divine Revelation teaches concerning it, true Philosophy, and a real knowledge of the human heart, will abundantly confirm.

I call the converfion of a finner to GOD, a New Birth-The Scriptures call it the fame and I fee no reason, why Chriftians should not prefer fcriptural modes of expreffion to any other. The word, it is true, has been fadly perverted or abufed by fanatics; but let us not, for this reason, reject the true and fober ufe of it. Words fignify but little he who hath experienced a Spiritual Change


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of heart and life, may ufe what name he pleases; the reality is all that is contended for. That we should have an inward, felf-evident fenfibility of such a change, is abfolutely neceffary to our peace and happiness, here and hereafter : and that we can obtain this in no other way, than that which the Prophet mentions, namely, by "beholding our GoD," is as certain, as this univerfally acknowledged truth, that All Goodness comes from God alone. The only question, therefore, is, How, or in what manner, can I behold my GOD," fo as to produce this bleffed effect in my foul? How am I to be born again? Or how is the Babe of Bethlehem to be born in my heart?-Nothing can be eafier, nothing plainer and more obvious, than the answer to this important question, where it is afked with a fincere defire of fpiritual information and improve



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