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trances as thefe; that the Bleffed Monitor within hath often thus fhewn you to yourselves; and that if you have persisted in an ungodly course of life, it hath not been for want of repeated warnings. This Bleffed Monitor is no other than the "6 Glory of the "Father" shining into the darkness of nature, and discovering to you your corruptions, to engage you to overcome or forfake them. Your turning to, and acceptance of this Glory, is your spiritual refurrection to Newness of Life. Your refifting it, is your condemnation here; and, if you perfift in fuch refiftance, must be your perdition hereafter.

The first appearance of Divine Grace upon the foul, is like the early dawn of morn, just opening to us a faint imperfect view of our inward state. If we embrace this chearing light, and walk therein, it will "fhine more and

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"more unto the perfect day." It is the peculiar property of the Fire of Heaven, to purify as well as enlighten; fo that a finner need not be difcouraged by a view of his own corruption, but rather blefs GOD for the difcovery. Sin is a most dangerous rock, on which we should inevitably be shipwrecked, if Divine Light did not point it out, and Divine Love affift us escape it.


On the other hand, this fpiritual refurrection is checked or prevented by thofe, who shut their hearts against the first Beams of Grace, and fly from the Light, because it renders them uneasy and diffatisfied with themfelves-Their minds are fo far enlightened by it, as to fee, that their prefent mode of life, their idle converfation, their amusements and diverfions, their fecret fins of pride, envy, and love of pleasure, are quite inconfiftent with that still, retired,

retired, meek, humble, felf-denying life, which the Religion of JESUS demands. Loth, therefore, to abandon their favourite pursuits, they fhun the light that shews them their folly, and rush into darkness; that, by hiding themselves from themselves, they may fin in peace. Thus, by chufing darkness rather than light, they keep themselves in a state of death, and suffer not the power of CHRIST'S Resurrection to "raise them up to New"nefs of Life." They prefer the vanity of time, to the riches of eternity; the pleasures of sense, to the most pure and perfect fpiritual delights; the life of brutes, to the the life of Angels.

But I hope better things of you, my brethren-The Light still shines around you, if you will but

open your eyes to fee it; if you will but forfake the darkness to enjoy it.

Remember, these two principles are incompatible: there is no communion betwixt them-no re

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conciling Heaven and earth, CHRIST and Belial. Worldly pleasure and Devotion cannot fubfift together. Diversions have no connexion with the Two Sacraments: they are a breach of Baptifmal engagements; and repugnant to that Spiritual Communion, which we profefs to recognize and renew in the LORD'S SUPPER-May GOD deliver us, therefore, from the dominion of a worldly spirit, and render us conformable to his dear SoN, that fo "the fame mind


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may be in us, that was alfo in CHRIST

JESUS; and that, as he was raised

up from the dead by the Glory of "the Father, even fo we also may walk "" in Newnefs of Life !"






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