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his kingdom.

Our BLESSED LORD, who well knew the fecret views and purposes of the Baptift in this meffage, gracioufly condefcended to exhibit such amazing proofs of thofe mighty powers with which he was invefted by his HEAVENLY FATHER, as must needs have convinced thefe difciples of John, that he was certainly the MESSIAH that "fhould come," and that they need not "look for another." For, " in "that fame hour," fays the Evangelift, "he cured many of their infirmities and "plagues, and of evil fpirits; and un"to many that were blind, he gave fight. Then JESUS anfwering, faid "unto them, Go your way, and tell John, what things ye have feen and

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heard; how that the blind see, the "lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, "the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and "to the Poor the Gofpel is preached."


The evidence which was here presented, must have been strong and convincing indeed, as it refulted from the concurrent teftimony of miracles and prophecy. Omniscience, no less than Omnipotence, fealed and confirmed the miffion of JESUS. For the words of the Evangelist are a literal and exact accomplishment of a remarkable prediction-Rapt into future times, the sublime and evangelical Isaiah had foretold, that the MESSIAH fhould " preach good tidings unto the meek, that he "fhould bind up the broken-hearted, "that he should proclaim liberty to the

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captives, that he should open the "blind eyes, and make the deaf to hear." One of these remarkable characteristics, by which the SON OF GOD was to be distinguished at his appearance upon earth, I have selected for the fubject of my present discourse, viz. as a "preach"er of Good Tidings unto the Meek;" or, according to the words of my text,


PREACHED ON WHITSUNDAY. GALATIANS, CHAP. iv. VER. 6. "And because ye are Sons, GOD hath "fent forth the Spirit of his Son "into your Hearts, crying, Abba! "Father!"



THE GROUND AND NATURE OF PRIVATE AND PUBLICK WORSHIP. HABAKKUK, CHAP. ii. VER. 20. "The LORD is in his Holy Temple: "let all the Earth keep Silence before "him."



St. LUKE, CHAP. vii. Part of VER. 22.

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spotless robe; who can fatisfy our hunger with his bread of life, and supply all our wants out of the inexhaustible treasures of his Grace. Such, my Brethren, is, in general, the nature of that Gofpel, or of thofe glad tidings, which in my text are faid to be preached or published to the Poor: "To the Poor "the Gospel is preached.-Let us now proceed to enquire who thofe perfons are, that come under this particular designation, "The Poor."

I. According to one fenfe in which this name is used, we are to understand all those, who, for wife and gracious purposes, are placed by Providence in low and indigent circumstances, destitute of this world's goods, and constrained, by a painful series of toil and labour, to earn a scanty pittance for the preservation and support of their animal life. To thefe, who, according to this more common acceptation of the word,


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