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us; whether we fay, it is imputed, imparted, or inherent; whether we affert, that it is born with us into the world, or that it is communicated to our fouls at some future period of life? Let us only be fure, that we have it, and are acting under its influences, and then we need not difpute about the


Is it paying less reverence and homage to CHRIST, to declare, that I know and feel, that I have his Righteoufness, that is, his Righteous Spirit, temper and difpofition, in my heart, than to fay, I have it by imputation?" CHRIST "is made unto us Wisdom, and Righ"teousness, and Sanctification, and Re"demption." If I have CHRIST in me, I have all thefe: and a man may talk of imputation, or talk of an inherent CHRIST as much as he pleases; but he must be a stranger to all real Communion with his GOD and SA

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VIOUR, till he partakes of the Same Life, and has "the Same Mind in "him, that was alfo in CHRIST JESUS." Wherever, therefore, I find this "mind," temper and difpofition, let it be in an Heathen or a Christian, let his notions and opinions be ever fo different from mine, I pray GoD, that I may be enabled to revere and love him-and revere and love him I certainly fhall, if CHRIST is in me of a Truth."

I conclude, then, with the excellent admonition in the 21st verse, which, after what hath been already faid, I need not enlarge upon :

"Wherefore, lay apart all filthiness "and fuperfluity of naughtiness:" that is, turn from all the grofs imaginations, evil defires, and fuperabundant pollutions, of your earthly and diabolical nature; "and receive with Meekness the Ingrafted WORD, which is able to VOL. II.

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"fave your fouls." This Ingrafted WORD, as I have already obferved, is no other, than "CHRIST in us the Hope of Glory." Our Salvation depends upon this inward turning to this inward Redeemer, and Meekness is the infallible criterion of the fincerity of our converfion: for it implies a deep fenfibility of our own nothingness, and a total and implicit refignation of ourfelves, of all that we are, and all that we have, to the POWER OF GOD IN CHRIST.





St. JAMES, CHAP. i. from VER. 22, to the End.

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