African Migration Narratives: Politics, Race, and Space

Boydell & Brewer, 2018 - 328 pages
This essay collection examines the representations of migration in African literature, film, and other visual media. Inspired by the proliferation of texts focused on this theme and the ongoing migration crises, essays in the volume probe the ways in which African cultural productions shape and are shaped by the migration debates, the contributions these productions make to an understanding of globalization, and the stylistic features of the works. The texts analyzed here include important recent writings and films that are yet to receive considerable scholarly attention, by artists such as Chimamanda Adichie, Teju Cole, Leila Aboulela, Noo Saro-Wiwa, and Marzek Allouache. Current scholarship on migration largely focuses on the journey from Third World spaces to the First World, thereby radically limiting our understanding of migratory flows. This project works against this lopsided analysis of migration and considers narratives of return as central to migratory flows. The book also invests in underanalyzed and underrepresented diasporas on the continent including the lusophone and Indian Diasporas. Unlike much scholarship on migration in African cultural studies, which tends to focus primarily on a genre (literature), a region, and/or a specific language, the current book emphasizes Africa's geographical and linguistic diversity by being attentive to anglophone, francophone, and lusophone areas, as well as an array of texts encompassing various genres. CAJETAN IHEKA is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Alabama. JACK TAYLOR is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Hawaii-Manoa.

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Welfare States Borders
The Context of Nollywood
The Cinema of Griot
Poverty and Striving in Nadine Gordimers
Reimaging Blackness in a Hybridized and Racialized
Reading Space Subjectivity and Form in
Noo SaroWiwas Migration
The Literary Circulation of Teju Coles Every Day Is
Speculative Migration and the Project of Futurity in Sylvestre
Monkeys from Hell Toubabs in Africa
Mapping Sacred Space in Leila Aboulelas The Translator
Waris Dirie FGM and the Authentic Voice
Poetry at the Margins
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