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Although another may diffent from us in opinion, hold doctrines which we difavow; yet if he be ftriving against all evil, fubduing his lufts, his paffions, his fenfual propenfities; if he be regulating his life by divine laws, and fhunning evils as fins against God, he is on the Lord's fide; he deferves our affection and efteem-and if we discover any enmity or diflike towards him, because he holds fome notions different from our own, we manifest but little of the true chriftian fpirit. The man may be in the falfe of doctrine, but he is in the good of life; and, it may be, much higher in the heavenly life than ourselves. Rather than fall out with him, it would be well for us to caft out the demons of bigotry, fuperftition, and party-fpirit, which dwell in our own breasts.

But, fecondly, When a man does the above work in the name of the Lord, we may affure ourselves he is on the Lord's fide. In the name of the Lord, I understand not only by the power of the Lord, but from love to the Lord, faith in him, and a sincere regard to his holy laws. A man may refrain from external evils from various external causes, and from very evil motives; but if he departs from evil, both external and internal, from pure love to God, genuine faith in him, and a fincere regard to divine laws, he does it from the best of motives, the foundest principles; he is a good man, a real christian, and we must bid him God speed !— Wherever we see fuch characters, let us love them -let

let us venerate them-and rather than forbid them, let us go and do likewife.

But, thirdly, The next rule is, that fuch cannot fpeak lightly of Jefus Chrift. If they do not exalt him fo highly as we could wish-if they have not the clearest ideas of his eternal Divinity and Godhead-they can but reverence his namethey muft admire and adore him. They cannot fpeak lightly of his authority, of his love and mercy, of his redemption; they cannot despise his laws, abuse his goodness, or neglect his will; and continuing in love, obedience, and faith, their miftakes in judgment will 'ere long be removed, and the Saviour they love will be the God they adore.

But I must proceed, in the fourth place, to obferve, what ought to unite all christians in bonds of love, harmony, and peace. I hope none of my hearers will think my ideas too liberal, my judgment too charitable; I am extremely defirous of feeing all pious chriftians of one heart, of one mind, and of one life. And although I may not live to see it, yet I am perfuaded it will be so 'ere long; and if I were to die to-morrow, I wish to leave behind me a testimony that it was the most ardent wish of my foul.

What then ought to unite us in affection and life as christians? Why, firs, these three things following-love to the Lord Jefus Chrift, charity one to another, and a good life. By loving the Lord, I mean, the loving him with all the heart,

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foul, mind, and strength; a love that engages us to depend wholly upon him, trust in him, worship him in spirit and in truth, and obey his holy laws confcientiously, faithfully, and with delight. By charity one to another, I mean, the loving my neighbour, my fellow christian, as I love myself; rejoicing in his welfare, seeking his good, wishing him as happy as I wish myself, and doing all I can to promote it. And by a good life, I mean, an obedience to the divine will, from faith and love; discharging the duties of religious, moral, and civil life, as a man, a chriftian, a follower of the Lord. Whoever, therefore, poffeffeth this love, charity, and goodness, that person I acknowledge as my fellow-christian— my brother in the Lord. He is the favorite of heaven, an heir of glory, and he will foon ftand a bright and happy angel in the kingdom of his God.

Here, then, is a folid foundation for harmony, union, and love. Are we fuch chriftians? Doth our confcience bear witnefs? If so, muft we not be united in affection? Muft we not love one another?


My good friends, I believe while I am difcourfing upon this divine fubject, you are ready to grafp each other in the arms of chriftian affection and love. You know it is morally impoffible for all to think exactly alike, to fpeak alike, or act alike, but you can all love the Lord, you can all love each other, and you can all live a good lifeand this is heaven. This makes you of one family, conftitutes you fons and daughters of God, entitles


you to the kingdom of glory! You are in the high road to it—the gates are just before you—and there you are to live together in love, barmony, and peace, for ever. Surely, then, you are ready to fay, in the words of our text, "He who is not against the "Lord is on our part." You can take your fellowchristian by the hand-the divine fire of heavenly love and charity kindles in your hearts-and as chriftians you feel fuch an union of fouls, as neither time nor death can obliterate. Such a divine union, such a heavenly love, as fhall endear you to each other in glory-as fhall ripen in eternity-and flourish for ever there.

Transporting thought! How great that bliss must prove,
Where hearts are one, and every heart is love;
Where parties, names, divifions, ever cease,
And all in union, harmony, and peace.
Where difcord, envy, variance, never rise,
To break our peace, or interrupt our joys.
Where angels, heaven, and all its hofts confpire,
To fan the flame of love-that holy fire.→→
Where, in one word, our life, our heav'n fhall prove
One everlasting scene of peace and love!

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MATT. i. 23.

And they fhall call his name Emmanuel, which, being interpreted, is,

God with us.

IT has been thought good, by the rulers of this land, to appoint and fet apart a time for the commemoration of that infinitely glorious and merciful event, the nativity of our divine Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift. The appointment, no doubt, was with a good and laudable design, that christians in general might unite in a fober, holy, thankful, and joyful remembrance of their Saviour's natal daypublicly celebrate his praife-and offer the facrifice of a grateful heart to his adorable name.

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