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CCXXXVI and thofe

Now the predictions of our SAVIOUR were many; very plain, and punctual, and particular; and fuch as all or moft of them had their accomplishment in that age. That we may take a more diftinct view of them, I shall reduce them to thefe five heads.

1. Thofe that foretold his death, and the circumftances of it.

2. His refurrection, and the particular circumftances of that.

3. The defcent of the holy Ghost upon the apo, ftlcs, with the circumftances belonging to that.

4. The deftruction of Hierufalem before the end of that age, with the figns foregoing it, and the concomitant circumftances of that.

5. Those that foretold the fate of the gospel in the world, the oppofition it fhould meet with, and yet the admirable fuccefs it fhould have, notwithftanding that oppofition.

1. Thofe that foretel his death, and the circumftances of it. This he did very particularly, and at feveral times, Matt. xvi. 21. he told his difciples,


that he must go unto Jerufalem, and there fuffeṛ "many things of the elders, and chief priests, and

fcribes, and be killed." Mark x. 33, 34. and Matt, xx. 18, 19. he foretels more particularly the manner of their proceedings against him, that "the "chief priefs and fcribes fhould condemn him

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to death," but that they fhould not put him to death, but "deliver him to the Gentiles, to mock, and fcourge, and crucify him," which was afterwards done by Pilate the Roman governor. He foretold likewife the manner how this fhould be brought about, Matt. xx. 18. that he should be


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"betrayed into the hands of men."

And he didS ERM.

particularly point out before-hand the man that was
to betray him, Matt. xxvi. 23. "He that dippeth
"his hand with me in the difh, the fame fhall betray
He foretold that his difciples fhould for-
fake him, Matt. xxvi. 31. "All of you fhall be
❝ offended because of me this night; for it is
" written, I will fmite the fhepherd, and the fheep
"fhall be fcattered." And when Peter declared
his confident refolution to stick to him, he foretold
that he should deny him, with very particular cir-
cumstances of the time and manner of it, Matt. xiv.
30. "This night before the cock crow twice, thou
fhalt deny me thrice;" which was all punctually

2. He punctually foretold his refurrection, with the circumftances of it, that " he should rife again "the third day," Matt. xvi. 21. and that," after

he was rifen, he would go before them into Galilee," Matt. xxvi. 32. which was accomplished, Matt. xxviii. 16.

3. He foretold likewife the defcent of the holy Ghoft upon the apoftles, in miraculous powers and gifts, Luke xxiv. 49. " Behold, I fend the promise "of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city "of Jerufalem, until ye be endowed with power

from on high." He fpecifies the place where the holy Ghoft fhould defcend; and what the effects of this defcent of the holy Ghoft upon them fhould be, he tells them particularly, Mark xvi. 17, 18." And thefe figns fhall follow them that "believe in my name fhall they caft out de"vils, and they fhall fpeak with new tongues; they fhall take up ferpents, and if they drink




SERM." any deadly thing, it fhall not hurt them; they fhall lay hands on the fick, and they fhall re"cover." All which was punctually fulfilled in the fecond of the Acts, and the following part of that hiftory.

There are yet two other inftances of our SAVIOUR's prophetical fpirit, which I mentioned; but those I referve for the next difcourie,





Of the neceffity of good works.

TIT. iii. 8.

HIS is a faithful faying, and these things I will that thou affirm conftantly, that they which have believed in GOD, might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men. Page 3, 17.


Of doing all to the glory of GoD,

I COR. x. 31.

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

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P. 29.

Doing good, a fecurity against injuries from men.

I PE T. iii. 13.

And who is be that will harm you, if ye be followers of

that which is good..

P. 45.




Of diligence in our general and particular calling.

ECCLES. ix. 10.

Whatsoever thy band findeth to do, do it with thy
might for there is no work, nor device, nor know-
ledge, nor wisdom in the grave, whither thou goeft.


P. 57.

Of the blessedness of giving, more than that of


ACTS xx. 35.

And to remember the words of the LORD JESUS, how
be faid, It is more blessed to give, than to receive.

The whole verfe runs thus,


The evil of corrupt communication.

EPHES. iv. 29.

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