Moorish Spain

Orion, 22 oct. 2015 - 224 pages
Written in the same tradition as John Julius Norwich's engrossing accounts of Venice and Byzantium, Richard Fletcher's Moorish Spain entertains even as it enlightens. He tells the story of a vital period in Spanish history which transformed the culture and society, not only of Spain, but of the rest of Europe as well. Moorish influence transformed the architecture, art, literature and learning, and Fletcher combines this analysis with a crisp account of the wars, politics and sociological changes of the time.

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A brief yet insightful introduction to Moorish Spain, from the invasion in A.D. 711 by Berbers crossing the Straits of Gibraltar to the expulsion in 1614 of 300,000 Moslems by Philip III. Fletcher ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Textbook history textbook style. Fairly even-handed for an account from the Western European side of things, it dispels some persistent myths about the Reconquest and places Moorish Spain at the heart ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Richard Fletcher was educated at Harrow and Worcester College, Oxford. He was formerly a Professor of History at the University of York. His book, the Quest for El Cid, won the Wolfson Prize for History and the Los Angeles Times Book Award, and has been translated into Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese. His other books include The Conversion of Europe: From Paganism to Christianity 371-1386 AD (1997) and, in partnership with Simon Barton, The World of El Cid: Chronicles of the Spanish Reconquest (2000). Richard Fletcher died in 2005.

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