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The Four GOSPELS in One,
Broken into




To be used with the


Printed Anno Domini. 1'DCLXXV.

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He Author, be fore experience bad Suggested new thoughts, Sidefign'd to com

wold prize his De

votions in one Book But, Seeing great variety was requi fite, to avoid that dryness with which often repetition uses to dull our Prayers; and finding one Volume uncapable of great variety, unless of a bulk too big, ar character too little for conve nce: He refolv'd to divide A 3

the Whole into Three Parts whereof himself liv'd to let out the First, and finish the Second in the manner you fee; the Third, conftfting of Prayers for all occasions, fram'd by an intimate Friend according to his directions, and overlookt by himSelf, waits yet an opportunity of coming forth. Mean time you have here the Second part, containing the Life of our B. SA VIOUR in the words of the Evangelifts themselves, and di gested out of all Four into on continued Hiftory; that th whole feries may be clearlyc difcern'd, and no emphatical e preffion or circumstance inc

of the facred Historians loft: following herein the much approv'd example of fome of our own, as well as our Neighbour Divines; of a late one, of whom, at Paris, this feems a Tranflation. He meant it for Leffons to his Offices: whence, torender it more clear to the underftanding, and more affective to the will, breaking the Context into fit periods, He fuited every one with Refponfories; which, being entirely his own work, are Printed in a different Letter, that who fo pleases may read the facred Story without interruptiThe Genealogies we find mitted, and fome part of the



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