Getting Ready for Benjamin: Preparing Teachers for Sexual Diversity in the Classroom

Rita M. Kissen
Rowman & Littlefield, 2002 - 266 pages
This book argues that issues of sexual diversity are inextricably interwoven into the basic concerns of pre-service teacher education. How do we make our students aware of assumptions regarding masculinity, femininity, and sexuality that arise from what is presented, represented, or omitted from curricula and classroom practice? What do we say about homophobia and heterosexism as we anticipate the administrative hierarchies, school cultures, parent and community politics they will encounter as teachers? What special challenges might face a teacher (straight or gay) who discusses sexual orientation in a high school classroom, or responds to a homophobic remark in the hallway or the cafeteria? How should we prepare a teacher for a parent conference with two moms or two dads? The essays in this volume range from an analysis of gay stereotypes in teacher education textbooks, to a discussion of queer multiculturalism, to personal accounts by lesbian and gay teacher educators and heterosexual allies who are challenging homophobia and heterosexism in their own classrooms and programs. All agree that education for sexual diversity is as important as education about all other forms of difference, and that future teachers need to know how to create safe spaces for lesbian and gay students, along with the children of gay families who are increasingly a part of the classroom landscape.

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The Challenges of Gay Topics in Teacher Education Politics Content and Pedagogy
But No One in the lass Is Gay Countering Invisibility and Creating Allies in Teacher Education Programs
What Do We Do in Physical Education?
Pedophiles and Deviants Exploring Issues of Sexuality Masculinity and Normalization in the Lives of Male Teacher Candidates
Homophobia in the Schools Student Teachers Perceptions and Preparation to Respond
Education by Association The Shortcomings of Discourses of Privacy and Civility in AntiHomophobia Education
The Gay Ghetto in the Geography of Education Textbooks
Add Lgbt and Stir Multiculturalism and Sexual Diversity
How My Teacher Education Program Failed
Visibility Invisibility and The Thickness of Nondiversity What I Learned from Karen
Heteronormativity and Common Sense in Science Teacher Education
I Was Afraid He Would Label Me Gay if I Stood up for Gays The Experience of Lesbian and Gay Elementary Education Credential Candidates at a ...
Teacher Educators and the Multicultural Closet The Impact of Gay and Lesbian Content on an Undergraduate Teacher Education Seminar
Can of Worms A Queer TA in Teacher Ed
Im Every Woman Multiple Identities as Part of the Diversity Curriculum
Campus Dyke Meets Teacher Education A Marriage Made in Social Justice Heaven

Talking about Inclusion Like Its for Everyone Sexual Diversity and the Inclusive Schooling Movement
Revisioning Multiculturalism in Teacher Education Isnt It Queer?
Queer Developments in Teacher Education Addressing Sexual Diversity Homophobia and Heterosexism
Getting to the Heart of Teaching for Diversity
Telling Our Stories
A Word about Getting Ready for Benjamin from His Mommies
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Page 7 - Press. Edgerton, SH 1996. Translating the curriculum: Multiculturalism into cultural studies. New York: Routledge.

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Rita M. Kissen is associate professor of teacher education and women's studies at the University of Southern Maine. She is the author of The Last Closet: The Real Lives of Lesbian and Gay Teachers.

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