Researches in South Africa: Illustrating the Civil, Moral, and Religious Condition of the Native Tribes: Including Journals of the Author's Travels in the Interior, Volume 2

J. Duncan, 1828

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Page 368 - In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.
Page 328 - The Europeans have scarcely visited any coast, but to gratify avarice, and extend corruption; to arrogate dominion without right, and practise cruelty without incentive.
Page 374 - That all and every Hottentot in the different Districts of this Colony, in the same manner as all Inhabitants, shall have a fixed Place of Abode in some one of the Districts, and that an entry of the same shall be made in the Office of the Fiscal, or the respective Landdrosts, and that they shall not be allowed to change their place of abode from one District to another, without a Certificate from the Fiscal, or Landdrost of the District from which they remove ; which Certificate they shall be bound...
Page 316 - We are all born savages, whether we are brought into the world in the populous city or in the lonely desert. It is the discipline of education, and the circumstances under which we are placed, which create the difference between the rude barbarian and the polished citizen — the listless savage and the man of commercial enterprise — the man of the woods and the literary recluse.
Page 378 - Majesty's fiscal, and to their respective landdrosts, their having complied with this instruction, as they shall answer the contrary at their peril. Given under my hand and seal, at the Cape of Good Hope, this 1st day of November, 1809.
Page 387 - English (Ammanglezi), whom they should drive, before they stopped, across the Zwartkops river and into the ocean "and then," said the prophet, "we will sit down and eat honey!
Page 373 - Governor and Commander-in-Chief of her Majesty's colony of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and of the territories and dependencies thereof, and vice-admiral of the same, and her Majesty's high commissioner, &c., &c., &c.
Page 181 - This was to me a precious sermon, at such a season, from the mouth of a CafFer. " 23. This morning, just as day began to break, his happy spirit took flight to be for ever with the Lord. " As soon as I was able, I despatched two men with the painful intelligence to Mr. Barker. When this was done, I was obliged, in consequence of the heat of the climate, and of the situation I was placed in, to instruct the people to make the coffin and dig the grave. I had some difficulty in persuading them to try...
Page 111 - On this account, when they intend to kill lions, they generally notice where the spring-bucks are grazing at the rising of the sun ; and by observing, at the same time, if they appear frightened and run off, they conclude that they have been attacked by the lion. Marking accurately the spot where the alarm took place, about eleven o'clock in the day, when the sun is powerful, and the enemy they seek is supposed to be fast asleep, they carefully examine the ground, and finding him in a state of unguarded...
Page 223 - what we were, savages, but men professing to be taught according to the Gospel. Let us then do accordingly. Live peaceably with all men, if possible : and if impossible, consult those who are placed over you, before you engage in any thing.

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