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disciples, when visited by Moses and Elijah in glorious chariots from the celestial regions, and the blessed Jesus was transfigured and the holy trio shone in heaven's resplendent glory. Will unbelievers still continue contrary and deny that this was the Son of God, the promised Messiah, the Saviour of the world, and not hear him and believe in him as all are commanded, to the saving of their immortal souls; for verily, there is no other name given whereby they can be made partakers of the joys of Angels in heaven; to inherit with the saints, the mansions which he has prepared on high for all that love him, and who anxiously watch unto prayer unto his return. O! will ye forfeit -the joys of heaven for those on earth, which are no joys at all, for the wretchedness and misery attendant even in this life, of carnal desires gratified, far over-balance the joy they afford; and then the dread of an eternity of banishment from every thing glorious and holy, to a place of darkness, torment and despair, which must inevitably be the burden of every soul alienated from a life of holiness and godliness, unless given over to hardness of heart and reprobateness of mind, which is infinitely worse, to be able to commit the most filthy and horrid crimes without repugnance of conscience.

O what a magnificent and glorious place heaven is, the New Jerusalem, Paradise, where the Holy God is enthroned in effulgent glory, surrounded by innumerable hosts of ArchAngels and Angels, Cherubims and Seraphims, and Saints in white, who are ever singing, Holy! Holy!! Holy!!! Lord God Almighty, who wast and art, and art to come, thou King of Saints. "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive the joys there prepared for those that love him." Now we see him with a veil between, but then face to face, as he is, so shall we see the blessed God, enjoy him and commune with him with greater pleasure and closer intimacy than even Moses did, because all human and worldly thoughts and cares will be banished from our souls, and we shall be exalted and be like

unto the Angels, glorious and holy, reflecting the splendour of our Eternal Father. If Moses face shone, reflecting the glory of the Deity, after having been only forty days and nights with God on the Mount, so that the children of Israel could not behold his face without a veil between, O! how much greater must have been the luster and glory of the transfiguration of our blessed Saviour on the Mount, having this same Moses who had been for thousands of years in the presence of the Majesty on High, serving God in his Holy Temple, on the one side, and the indefatigable, holy and faithful Elijah, who walked with God until it pleased the Lord to end his ministration and send his chariot and horses of fire, all glorious as the resplendent sun, to convey him to the court of his Eternal Holiness, where he has been exalted for hundreds of years on the other side. O! what a trio of luminaries, even obscuring the Sun in his meridian splendor. No wonder then that this combination of glory would overpower and cause the three favorite disciples, although divinely taught, but inhabiting earthly forms, to fall prostrate to the ground.

Thus have we been trying to present to your minds a glimpse of the beatific glory of the Majesty on High, where none can enter without holiness, for the King who reigns there Omnipotent in power, commands, "be ye Holy as I am Holy," and swears in his wrath that none other shall enter into his rest. It is therefore, absolutely necessary to be inured in a life of godliness to be partakers of the bliss of Angels, which shall never retrograde but progress through endless ages; as so limited a degree of glory as shone in the face of Moses, or even at the transfiguration on the Mount was overpowering; how much more would the perfection thereof in the courts of God be to the carnal and earthly minded, who never through faith in Jesus beheld through a veil his glory, nor been exercised in the paths of virtue and holiness, but been all their lives averse thereunto, hating God and serving the devil; dishonoring their creator and

bountiful benefactor instead of contributing to his glory; they shall never enter into his kingdom without being regenerated, for our God, to all such is a consuming fire.

"I will glorify it again;" alluding no doubt to our blessed Lord's passion in Gethsemane and triumph on Calvary, as the name of the Father had been glorified hitherto by the humble and obedient course of our blessed Saviour; his victory when permitted to be tempted by satan; the mira-: cles he wrought by the power of God, upon the souls and bodies of men; surely the spirit of God was in an abundant degree upon him, to preach the gospel to the poor, cheer the broken-hearted and set the captives free, and break every band of the devil which held them in misery and wretchedness, and fear and torment; the torment of death and the fear to appear before a just and offended Judge, and of having to meet their doom in hell, where there is no rest, but despair and torment forever and ever. Beware all ye sinners how ye mispend in the service of satan, the time allotted you here; to the dishonor of God and the neglect of your soul's salvation, for verily there is a day of retribution near at hand to every one of you; may your blood be upon your own heads if you continue in your sinful course of wickedness; disregard the warning voice of Christ and his true embassadors, and die in your sins, when you should have worked out your souls salvation through Jesus the Redeemer, the author and finisher of faith; who has glorified God through obedience to death, even the death of the cross, to achieve salvation for sinful creatures-but you do despite and dishonor his holy spirit by your apostate lives: O why will ye die, ye wretched sinners.

The name of the glorious and holy God will again be glorified at the utter destruction of the works of the devil, when the old beast will be chained and cast into hell and all his followers with him, to their dismay and confusion, and gnashing of teeth forever; and when King Jesus will take

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the kingdom to himself, descend with the New Jerusalem, and reign with his holy saints on earth a thousand years.

Finally, when the blessed God will judge the earth by that man whom he has ordained; when the Son of Man shall come in his glory and all the Holy Angels with Him, then shall he sit upon the throne of His Glory. And before Him shall be gathered all nations, and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats; and He shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. For the fearful, and unbelieving, and the murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolators, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, come ye blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world, and we shall inherit the New Heaven and Earth, and Glorify God for ever and ever. Amen.




And we are his witnesses of these things, and so is also the Holy Ghost whom God hath given to them that obey him. When they heard that, they were cut to the heart, and took counsel to slay them.

[Acts, 5th chap., 32d & 33d. verse. Our blessed Saviour did not sojourn on earth in dark or obscure places, as infidels would have us believe; yea they would even have us deny that there ever was such a person as the Son of God; who left his father's throne to be born of a Virgin, rocked in a cradle, sheltered from the dampness of the season by the roef of a stable at a common lnn. It is scarcely to be wondered at, by viewing the folly of the world through all ages down to this present time, which has ever been inflated with vanity and pride, indulging in luxuries of all description, as at this day, that many would thus conjecture, and aid in the delusion of their souls by their greatest enemy, contrary to the prophecy of an infinitely wise and holy God, who saw proper and was graciously pleased thus to ordain, and in due time to fulfil his revelation in the above described manner. Thou Bethlehem though least among the thousands of Judea, yet out of thee shall the sceptre arise. Hundreds and thousands knew the predictions of our Lord's coming, and there was a general expectation at the time the Morning Star arose in Bethlehem, to enlighten them that sit in darkness and give glory to his church.

Holy Simeon testified that he was the Lord's Christ, when he prayed that he might now depart in peace, for says he "I have seen thy salvation." It was revealed unto him that he should remain until his eyes were thus blessed. Anna the prophetess, likewise testified and spake of him to all that looked for redemption in Israel. These were under

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