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Brought forward, $2,608 98

Collection by Baptist Societies in Lansing and Groton, 2 25


6 52

1 19
2 16

in Waddington, by Rev. S. W. Williams, 5
by the Baptist Society in Smithville,
1st Pres. Soc. Champion, Rev. Mr. Dutton,
New Hartford, West Hill, Sunday School,
in Pres. Society, Trenton, Rev. L. Foote,
in Rev. A. L Crandall's So. Stowe's Square, 1 624
Baptist Society, Victory, Rev. Mr. Bartlett, 5
Pres. Society, Vernon, Rev. P. Brainard, 5
1st Con. So. Pompey, Rev. B. B. Stockton, 10
Pres Society, Elmira, Rev Mr Lathrop, 13 50
by Presbyterian Society, Colesville Bridge, 6 56
in Prattsburg,

by the students of the Baptist Theological
Seminary, in Hamilton,



3 371

6 03

in Baptist Society, Newport, Rev Z Eaton,
Pres Soc Manlius Square, Rev Mr Kellogg, 11 50
do do Binghampton, Rev P Lockwood, 13 85
Welsh Con Society, Utica, Rev R Everett, 3 65
Pres Society, Deerfield, Rev Mr Goodell,
Rev Mr Smith's Society, Stockbridge,



in Livonia, Rev J Brown, Baptist Church, 4
by Rev J R Alexander, at Woodford, Ky Pres Ch
in M E Ch Annapolis, Md by Rev Thos Dorsey,
in Pres Cong Milan, O by Rev E Judson, $3
in do
Lyne, Ohio,
Rev John Clark, of Plattsburg, for collections by
the following Ministers, viz:

by himself, in Fairfax, Vermont,
by Rev C Crane, in St. Albans,



485 49

20 50

8 20


4 18

by "D Stephens, Swanton & High Gate,
by "CP Clark, in Burlington, Vermont,
by "D Brayton, in Peru, New York,
by "Orris Pier, in

5 50

5 17

4 59


4 40


"A Hulin, in Chazey, New York,

[blocks in formation]

deduct retained by Mr Clark, to pay postage,
Newark Col Soc per L A Smith, Esq Treasurer,
by Rev Mr Fullerton, as follows:-
Rev J Williamson, Silver Spring Con $10
Rev J Moody, in Middle Spring Cong
by Rev M Knight, in Dickinson Cong
in Hagerstown circuit, the Rev Ed Smith,
by Samuel P Magnue, of Monroe, Butler co Ohio,
by Rev JC Barnes, Paint Lick, Garrard co Ky
by Rebecca Boyd, of Northumberland, Pa $20
the proceeds of a sermon, preached 4th
July, by Rev RN Smith, Lewisburg, Pa 10
by Rev J Duncan, Fairview, Belmont co Ohio, and
Rev S Gray, Malaga, Munro county, Ohio, per
W McMillan, Esq
by Rev Ralph W Gridley, in his Congregation,
Williamstown, Massachusetts,

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Carried forward, $3,533 92

Brought forward, $3,533 92


Collection by Rev E Payne, in his Cong. Claremont, N H
John Hoffman, Treasurer Aux Soc Baltimore, for
following collections, viz:

by Rev Mr Austin, in St Thomas' Parish,
Baltimore county, Maryland,


by Rev Mr McElroy. Somerset Parish,
Somerset county, Maryland,


by Rev D Zollickoffer, Union Town and

vicinity, Maryland,


$16 62



Rev Mr Edmunds, Winchester cir't Va A C Davis,
RevAsa Cummings, of Portland, Maine, for the fol-

lowing collections, viz:

in Rev Th Williams' Society, Faircroft,

$5 53

[blocks in formation]

30 21


deduct postage of two letters paid by him, 31 cts by Rev J Stockton, Alleghany, Pa per J Daniel, Esq by Rev Rob't A Lapsley, pres Ch Caldwell co Ky by Rev Peter Nourse, of Ellsworth, Maine,...................

[blocks in formation]

Donation by Rev Thomas D Baird,
from Miss Maria Willis, Fauquier co Va "for use of the Emi-
grants to Liberia, who are to sail in Oct. 1830," per Rev
George Lemmon, Warrenton, Virginia,

"A friend" at Mount Laurel, Va as an offering, together with
his prayers for the success of the benevolent, who purposes
in his heart to give something every year,

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Gen John H Cocke, of Va 1st payment on the plan of Gerrit
Smith, Esq.
The second payment of four young Gentlemen in Alexandria,
D C on the plan of Gerrit Smith, Esq per S H Janney, Esq
Donation of Samuel Barnet,...
Collections by Gen Carrington, of Halifax co Va on 4th July,
and remitted by Rev C Dresser-

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Edward C Carrington,

William Fitzgerald,

David Chalmers,

John S Lewellan,

W B Banks,


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James Bruce,

Walter C Carrington,

Rev Charles Dresser,



Rev Jacob C Goss, for 4th and 5th volumes of Repository,
The following sums formerly reported by Rev Asa Cummings
of Portland-it being the amount of Rev Thomas C Upham's
note, viz:

to constitute Mr Upham, of Brunswick, a

[blocks in formation]

E Bachus, Esq of New Haven, Connecticut, his 3d Annual payment on the plan of Gerrit Smith,....





$4,084 25

[blocks in formation]

System of Education for the Colony.

In a former number, we expressed our apprehensions and regret, that education in the Colony, had recently been much neglected, and that immediate and earnest efforts were required to establish and render efficient, a system of public instruction, which should extend its benefits to every child in the Colony. Not only must there be an adequate number of schools, but the Colonists must be taught duly to estimate their importance, and to feel, that to withhold from them support, or to allow their children to neglect the advantages which they afford, would be ruinous to the most precious interests of themselves and their posterity. The whole subject of a school-system for the Colony, was, some time since, referred to a Committee of the Board of Managers, and the following Report of that Committee, submitted by Mr. Samuel Harrison Smith, has been approved and adopted. The Managers, it will be seen, have proposed to aid, in some degree, the efforts of the Colonists, while they would urge them, by every consideration connected with their private and public, their present and future prosperity, to Resolve, that next to their religious interests, the cause of education should occupy their thoughts and receive their united contributions and support. We hope the friends of the Colony will favourably regard the plan adopted by the Board of Managers, and cheerfully assist, by their donations, in carrying it into execution. All the hopes of humanity and religion, connected with Liberia, must perish, unless the youth of the Colony shall be brought under the influences of a well-conducted system of education.

Report on Public Schools at Liberia.

The Committee to whom was re-committed the Report on Public Schools at Liberia, recommend, in lieu thereof, the adoption of the following Resolutions:

The Board of Managers of the American Colonization Society, anxious to extend to the Colony at Liberia, the blessings of useful knowledge, whereby all its inhabitants may eventually enjoy the means of developing their resources, of improving their moral and intellectual condition, and of thus presenting to Africa, a model worthy of general imitation, consider the universal education of the children, as among the most effectual instruments for securing this great object.

That, to this end, schools fitted to the state of the Colony, shall be forthwith established, under the direction and superintendence of the Colonial Agent, at Monrovia, Caldwell and Millsburg; in which reading, writing and arithmetic, shall be taught to all the children, and such other branches as circumstances may from time to time render expedient.

That it be the duty of the Colonial Agent, whenever in his opinion, or that of respectable Colonists, it shall be expedient to establish schools at other places, to communicate his views to this Board, that proper order may be taken thereon.

That as a strict economy and accountability will constitute the surest, if not the only effectual means, of giving the greatest extension to a system of education, embracing the instruction of all, it will be proper to introduce, as far as practicable, the Lancasterian mode of instruction; to use female instructers for the younger children, and to commence the system with the lowest salaries that will command the services of competent teachers.

That each school be placed under the immediate direction of five Colonists, to be designated annually by the Colonial Agent and Council; provided that no expense shall be authorized by such trustees without the previous written approbation of the Colonial Agent.

That in aid of the establishment of schools, including the erection of suitable buildings, as well as of the payment of the teachers and other expenses; it be recommended to the Colonial Agent and Council to appropriate the proceeds of licenses, and all fines incurred, and to impose such other taxes, either on personal or real estate, for this object, as to them may seem expedient.

That one-tenth part of the public lots and lands, that have

been, or may from time to time, be hereafter laid out, and which shall be inalienable, be set apart to this object; but whose rent or fruits shall be applied to it.

That, for the present, and until otherwise ordered, the whole proceeds of the sales of public lots and lands be so applied.

And that, in addition, the annual sum of five hundred dollars be paid by this Board.

That the apportionment of the said proceeds and funds, or any other that may be created, be made by the Colonial Agent, with the advice of the Council.

That it is advisable to erect a permanent school-house at each of the foregoing places, and that this Board will aid the same by contributing one hundred dollars to each of said schoolhouses, on which there shall be expended at least three hundred dollars; or, if the houses cost less, in the same ratio.

That, notwithstanding these aids, as they will, in themselves, be insufficient, it be recommended to the Colonial Agent and Council, to require from the parents or guardians of the children educated, such reasonable tuition as their respective circumstances may justify. That this duty be inculcated upon them as all-important to the success of the plan; the experience of the United States, of Scotland, and of other countries, in which the blessings of education have been the most widely diffused, having proved, that without such contributions, all taxes and public bounties, however large or magnificent, have been unavailing.

That the above sums, contributed by this Board, be paid, as far as practicable, in goods or provisions, from the public stores at Liberia, estimating the same at their first cost and charges, except in cases in which the Colonial Agent may consider it more for 'the interest of the schools to make payment in money.

Resolved, That the Colonial Agent be directed to cause books to be kept, which shall exhibit, with accuracy, the receipts and expenditures on account of schools.

That in stating the Receipts, there shall be specified distinctly

The sums derived from taxes, shewing the sum imposed by each tax, with its nature, and the sum actually received, with expenses of collection:


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