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Collection by CJ Burnett, at Skaneateles,


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by Seth Seelye, in Lansingburgh,
by PJ H Hillen, in White Hall,
by S Tuttle, Pres church, Windham, Green county,
by D Boyd, Presbyterian church, Schenectady,
by Robert Forrest, Ref'd ch Stamford, Delaware co
by Rev D Crosby, Pres ch Conway, Massachusetts,.
by A D Lane, Presbyterian church, Waterloo,
by Rev O Hill, do
do Naticoke,


8 60 21 31


10 88 30 06 7.




5 25


by L Biggs. East Congregation, Groton,
by H G Redfield, St Mark's church, Le Roy,
by Henry Phineas, Treas Otsego county Col Soc
by C M Fuller, Baptist church, Elbridge,
in an anonimous letter, mailed at Cleveland, Ohio,
by Isaac Okes, Presbyterian church, Westfield,
Walter Hubble of Canandaigua, as follows—
in Congregational Soc Canandaigua,
in Pres church, Junius, Rev J Merrill,

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Penn Yan, Rev R Clark,

contribution collected by Wm Sturges,

by HJ Olcott, in church at Cherry Valley,
by A Robbins, of Troy,

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$49 06


8 08 420 8 75

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5 10

by Rev J McJimsey, Associate Ref'd ch Neelyton,
by Rev John Johnson, Pastor Pres ch Newburgh,
by Rev D Huggins, Bath, Stuben county,

by Congregation at White Lake,

by Rev C C Cuyler, Ref'd Dutch ch Poughkeepsie,
by R S Mason, Trinity church, Geneva,
by Temperance Society, of Westerloo,...
by Henry Oakly, Junior, Bethlehem Congregation,
by Rev E A Beach, Pres and Baptist Congrega-
tions of Stephentown and Nassau,

by Rev H Foot, Champlain Congregation,
by J Tracy, Pres congregation, Cambridge,

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by Elder Hyes, in the town of Lysle, Broom co
by Rev Elisha Yale, Pres cong'n Kingsburgh,
Received from E Holmes, Treasurer of
Madison county Col Society; viz—

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1st Cong' Soc at Lenox, Rev Mr Olds, 3 06
from Rev N Peck, Nelson, Madison co 3 19
from Rev S T Mills, Peterboro', do

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Brought forward,

Collection by Connecticut State Colonization Society, per

Seth Terry, Esq. Treasurer, (of which the fol-
lowing collections form a part:*)

85 90
22 70

6 02

3 27 26 04 7

27 30

24 63
43 46

80 10


35 80


21 65


by Hartford, North Soc. Rev. Mr. Spring, $55 25
by do Centre Soc. Rev. Mr. Hawes,
by Berlin, N. Britain S. Rev. Mr. Cogswell,
by do Kensington S. Rev. Mr. Robbins,
by Torrington, 1st Soc. Rev Mr. Gould,
by Manchester, 1st Soc. Rev. Mr. Northrup,
by Chatham, 1st Soc. Rev. Mr. Talcott,
by Wethersfield, 1st S. Rev. Mr. Tenney,
by Rev Mr. Burt, 1st Society, Canton,
by Rev. Dr. Porter, 1st Soc. Farmington,
by Rev. Mr. Bacon, Centre Soc. N. Haven,
by Rev. Mr. Merwin, North Soc.
by Rev. Mr. Boardman, 3d Soc.
by Rev. Mr. Case, Chester Soc. Saybrook,
by Rev. Mr. Hunter, 1st Society, Fairfield,
by Rev. Mr. Dutton, 1st Society, Guilford,
by Rev. Mr. Riddle, 1st Soc. Glastenbury,
by Rev. Mr. Benedict, 1st Soc. Waterbury,
by Rev. Mr. Parsons, 1st Soc. E. Haddam,
by Rev. Mr. Rowland, 1st Society, Winsor,
by Rev. Mr Bartlet, Wintonbury Soc.
by Rev. Mr. Harvey, 1st Soc. Colchester,
by Rev. Mr. Ackley, Baptist S. do
by Rev. Mr. Powers, 1st Society, Goshen,
by Rev. Mr. Bartlet, 2d Soc. E. Winsor,
by Rev. Mr. Crosby, East Society, Granby,
by Rev. Mr. Larcombe, 1st B. S Colebrook,
by Rev. Mr.
1st Society,
by Rev. Mr. Rood, Danbury,
by Rev. Mr. Paddock, Ch'st ch. Norw'h,
by Rev. Mr. Hydes, Norwich Falls,


22 37
11 64
1 38

11 60
5 68

9 22

12 03

5 86



12 47

13 25

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$1,501 34

$1,200 00


by Rev. Mr. Bentley, Chatham, Middle




by Rev. Mr. Yale, New-Hartford,
by Rev. Mr. Robbins, Enfield,
by Rev. Mr. Linsley, Hartland, East,
by Rev. Mr. Brace, Wethersfield, New-


by Rev. Mr. Marsh, Haddam,

... ....

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by Rev. Mr. Wheaton, Christ ch Hartford, 37 77

Carried forward, $2,701 34

Some numbers of the Connecticut Observer, in which these collections were published, not being in our possession, we are obliged to omit some others included in the general amount, until our next number.

Brought forward,

Collection by Rev. Mr. Linsley, New Haven Month.

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by Rev. Mr. Dow, Tyringham, Mass.
by Rev. Mr. Pratt, Baptist, New-Haven,
by Rev. Mr. Stone, individuals of Episco-
pal Society, unknown, New-Haven,
by Rev. Mr. Swift, Derby,............
by Rev. Mr. Atwater, Middlebury, ....
by Rev. Mr. Punderson, Huntington,
by Rev. Mr. Scranton, (individuals) Bur-




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by Rev. Mr. Hunn, Vernon,,.
by Rev. Mr. Hooker, East-Hartford,
by Rev. Mr. Coles, Meth. Chap. Hartford,
by Rev. Mr. Bliss, Jewett City, Griswold,
by Rev. Mr. Baldwin, New-Hartford,
by Rev. Mr. Griswold, Watertown,....
by Rev. Mr. Mills, Becket,................
by Mr. Kingsley, Baptist, Becket,
by Rev. S. Bartlett, a friend, East-Windsor,
by Rev. Mr. Gear, Episcopalian, Hebron,
by Rev. Mr. Pierce, Harwinton,


by Rev. Mr. Porter, 1st Society, Granby,
by Rev. J. E. Camp, Litchfield, Northfield

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by Rev. L. Clush, Plymouth, Chenango co. N. Y.
by Rev. Samuel Marsh, Mooer's, New York,

at Worcester, Charitable Society,

by Allen Thompson, Esq. Treasurer, Wil
mington Union Col. S. of which the
following collections form a part:-
by Rev. C. W. Gilbert, 2nd Pres. Church,
Wilmington, Delaware,

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$2,701 34


128 31

...... ...


8 04


by Isaac Pardee, Trinity Chapel,
by Rev. J. Kennedy, M. E. Church,

by Rev David Mc Dill, in cong of Hamilton and
Siorn Mill, Rossville, Ohio,



in 2d Pres ch by Board of Deacons, Pittsburg, per
Luke Loomiss, Treasurer of said Board,.........
by Vermont Col S per David Baldwin, Treasurer,
by Aux S Harrisburg, Pa per W Gradon, Esq Tr
by Eben Watson, Agent in N Y per R Yates, Al-
bany, Tr New York State Colonization Society,
by Rev C W Jacobs, Hall's Cross Roads, Queen
Anne county, Maryland, per J 1) Emery,


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Carried forward, $3,233 66

Brought forward, From Benjamin Brand, Esq of Richmond, Va for money transmitted to him as follows,Collection by J B Taylor, 2d Baptist ch Richmond, $7 25 by Buckinham Aux Soc per R Morris, Tr 76.50 by Augusta Col S per J Cowan, Treas'r 100 Rev Wm F Lee, Christ ch Richmond 25 this sum not accounted for,


in cong of Marsh Creek, in Millerstown, Adams
county, Pennsylvania,


$3,233 66

3 25





by Rev Daniel E Reese, Chestertown, Kent coun-
ty, Maryland, per JD Emery,
by Aux Col S Hardiman co Tennessee, William
Berry, Esq Treasurer, per John D Carpenter,
by Rev J G Blanchard, St Ann's ch Annapolis,
by the inhabitants of Wheatland, per Clark Hall,
by John Bruce, Esq Treasurer Col Soc Fred'k
co Va for following collections; viz.-
Rev Dr Tilden, Josephs chap. Fred'k co
Long Acre's School Room,

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$3 25



2 28

6 60

12 65

Newtown (Stevenburg) Dutch church,
Stickly's Meeting House,


(five dollars of this by Dr Stickly)

by Rev James H Thomas, New Windsor,
Orange co N York, as follows; viz:-

at New Windsor,

at Canterbury,



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Hartford, Connecticut, Ladies' African Soc to be devoted to
the payment of the passage of female emigrants to Liberia,
per Mrs Sigourney,
first Pres Soc Millsburg, Mass to constitute Rev George W
Campbell a life member, including $9 collected on 4th July,
Mrs Ann Tinsley, for passage of two aged negroes to Liberia,
Rev John W Childs, in Mecklenburg, Va as follows; (per
Rev John Early, of Lynchburg) viz.-

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Colonization Society of East Attleborough, one year's sub-
scription, per John Dagget, Esq Secretary,
Matthew Carey, Esq of Philadelphia, his annual payment on
the plan of Gerrit Smith,



some person in Baltimore, for establishing a school at Liberia,
Win H Craven, Mississippi, per C Kingsbury,
Vermont Colonization Society, per D Baldwin, Treasurer,
Mrs Ann Nelson, Baltimore, per Rev J Johns,





$4,450 01

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Notice of Publications in behalf of the American Colonization Society.

Sermon delivered at Springfield, Mass. July 4th, 1829. By BAXTER DICKINSON, of the Third Presbyterian church, Newark, N. J.

"Africa given to Christ." A Sermon preached by Rev. REUBEN SMITH, of Burlington, before the Vermont Colonization Society.

An Address delivered on July 5th, 1830, at Zanesville, Ohio, before the Zanesville and Putnam Colonization Society, by Rev. L. L. HAMLINE.

Address by RICHARD W. BARTON, Esq. before the Frederick Co. Auxiliary Colonization Society, on the 3d of July, 1830.

It is impossible for us to do justice to the merits of all the valuable publications which are sent forth to assist the cause of African Colonization. We rejoice in their appearance, and hail them as evidences of public favour and cheering omens of success. They prove that there are hearts that feel the miseries of the African race, and minds engaged to relieve them.The spirit of interest and activity, in the African cause, is operating throughout nearly the whole union; and we trust that at

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