Death by Government

Transaction Publishers, 31 déc. 2011 - 496 pages
This is R. J. Rummel's fourth book in a series devoted to genocide and government mass murder, or what he calls democide. He presents the primary results, in tables and figures, as well as a historical sketch of the major cases of democide, those in which one million or more people were killed by a regime. In Death by Government, Rummel does not aim to describe democide itself, but to determine its nature and scope in order to test the theory that democracies are inherently nonviolent. Rummel discusses genocide in China, Nazi Germany, Japan, Cambodia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Poland, the Soviet Union, and Pakistan. He also writes about areas of suspected genocide: North Korea, Mexico, and feudal Russia. His results clearly and decisively show that democracies commit less democide than other regimes. The underlying principle is that the less freedom people have, the greater the violence; the more freedom, the less the violence. Thus, as Rummel says, “The problem is power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom.” Death by Government is a compelling look at the horrors that occur in modern societies. It depicts how democide has been very much a part of human history. Among other examples, the book includes the massacre of Europeans during the Thirty Years' War, the relatively unknown genocide of the French Revolution, and the slaughtering of American Indians by colonists in the New World. This riveting account is an essential tool for historians, political scientists, and scholars interested in the study of genocide.

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Sometimes it takes the insight of others to help me make better sense of what I already knew. I used to think war was the greatest cause of death and tragedy, but after reading R.J. Rummel's "Death by ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Covers state-sponsored genocides, but starts off saying that a democracy can't do that. It doesn't take into account the harm that a democracy can do in the third-world. Consulter l'avis complet

Table des matières

169198000 Murdered Summary and Conclusion
The New Concept of Democide
Over 133147000 Murdered PreTwentiethCentury Democide
61911000 Murdered The Soviet Gulag State
35236000 Murdered The Communist Chinese Anthill
20946000 Murdered The Nazi Genocide State
10214000 Murdered The Depraved Nationalist Regime
5964000 Murdered Japans Savage Military
1670000 Murdered The Vietnamese War State
1585000 Murdered Polands Ethnic Cleansing
1503000 Murdered The Pakistani Cutthroat State
1072000 Murdered Titos Slaughterhouse
1663000 Murdered? Orwellian North Korea
1417000 Murdered? Barbarous Mexico
1066000 Murdered? Feudal Russia

2035000 Murdered The Hell State Cambodia Under the Khmer Rouge
1883000 Murdered Turkeys Genocidal Purges

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R. J. Rummel was professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii. He is the author of over one hundred scholarly articles and two dozen books, including Power Kills, China’s Bloody Century, and The Miracle That Is Freedom.  In addition, he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and been the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Conflict Processes Section of the American Political Science Association and the International Association of Genocide Scholars’ Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to the Field of Genocide and Democide Studies and Prevention.

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